Introducing OS2

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Introducing OS2

Post by Hands-Of-ZeTime » 03 Sep 2019 08:41

Almost two years ago, we were in the starting blocks to ramp-up ZeTime mass production and deliver the very first “Real” Hybrid Smartwatch to the market thanks to our backers’ incredible support.

As we always said, our story would not end right after the campaign and indeed we kept working closely with you guys to improve our product, bring it to a more mature stage, introduce some new features and step by step, offer a great and better experience with this unique and first generation of breakthrough device.

Just a few weeks ago, we made a significant step forward with the introduction of MyKronoz Mobile App for iOS and Android.

This brand new App is the result of months of hard work of our development team together with our large beta testing group as well our consumer insights team, reading through all your comments, feedbacks and suggestions on all platforms.

As a result, we delivered on May 1st, not only an upgraded visual experience for ZeTime users but a totally new user journey with enriched graphics, enhanced navigation and an extended list of new features and menu to get the best out of your hybrid smartwatch.

This significant milestone for MyKronoz is also a way for us to unify all our new products (legacy and upcoming) under one single Mobile App and provide the best experience across our entire portfolio.

Today, on September 2nd, although a few weeks behind our original schedule due to significant software challenges, we’re super excited to achieve a new step and launch the biggest firmware update for our two models : ZeTime Regular and ZeTime Petite.

This update will not only bring a refreshed visual experience aligned with all our new devices recently introduced in the market, but also prepare your smartwatch to receive brand new features to even better enjoy your ZeTime.

We’re listing below everything you’ll get with ZeTime Firmware 2.0:

ZeTime-OS2.jpg (149.42 KiB) Viewed 1721 times
• First of all, a new user interface.
Our UI Designers spent a lot of time analyzing owners’ feedback and came out with updated new menus, shortcuts, icons and navigation improvements in order to deliver a better and seamless experience of MyKronoz Smartwatches. ZeTime Firmware 2.0 is largely benefiting of all these improvements and getting a fresh new look.
• Watch Buttons Customization
A widely requested feature from thousands of users.
Now you can get direct access to your favorite embedded App or features, right from the side buttons as well as the smart crown. We’ve made it super easy to customize from the MyKronoz Mobile App Settings menu. Your watch will now work exactly the way you want it to and therefore save time and avoid unnecessary navigation.
• WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger on-device answering
Available for Android users exclusively, due to constraints of iOS close API environment, this great new feature will allow users to directly answer incoming messages straight from their wrist with no need to take out their phone out of the pocket. Thanks to Emojis and short preset messages you’ll save time and significantly improve your level of interaction with your watch.
• Watch Face Store
Last but not least, together with Firmware 2.0, we’re releasing our official Watch Face Store. With hundreds of thousands of ZeTime users around the world, we have seen countless amazing watch faces personal creations on various unofficial platforms. Recently, with the introduction of the new MyKronoz Mobile App, a lot of you have shared their design talent with the rest of the community but with no real way to offer them for download. With the introduction of MyKronoz Official Watch Face Store, all users will be able to download, and rate personal creations and customize their ZeTime even more.

While all downloads will be offered for free, straight from the MyKronoz App to every ZeTime users, creators will have to upload their creations from a dedicated website and will have to go through an approval process to make sure all trademarks and legal aspects of their design will be compliant. We have no doubts this cool new feature will encounter massive success among the entire community.

Learn more about new features and watch face store.

From all you can read above, it was definitely worth the wait! Together with ZeTime Firmware 2.0, we are offering a fresh new experience to the ZeTime community and an opportunity to love even more your device.

In order to make sure you’ll enjoy all these new things, you first need to ensure the following are respected:
• Your Smartphone is running the very latest MyKronoz Mobile App Build
( 1.0.75 on both Android and iOS)
Watch-out! Only MyKronoz App supports migration to Firmware 2.0
If you’re still running on ZeTime Mobile App, you’ll need to uninstall it and install MyKronoz Mobile App. No need to create a new account, simply login with your existing credentials and all your data will be automatically transferred.

Your ZeTime is running at least the firmware build below
1.7 Build 44 for ZeTime Regular
1.0 Build 35 for ZeTime Petite

This can be checked for the “Help” menu in the Mobile App Settings or straight on the device itself. In case you’re running an older version, you’ll need to update first to latest build available before updating to 2.0

We couldn’t wrap-up this message without thanking all of you and more specifically, again, all the beta testing members who gave us tremendous support during the entire development phase. It’s been another long journey and we’re glad to have so many valuable community members to help us making ZeTime the device you are expecting it to be.

As you all know, we managed to be the first smartwatch manufacturer to combine digital touchscreen and traditional mechanical hands into a single device but not only.
Despite some key constraints with technologies available at the time of our project kickoff, we never stopped working on pushing the limits of our current hardware to continue offering the most compelling user experience to our ZeTime first generation.

Today, some major technical evolutions have happened in our product category and we’re super excited to confirm that our next generation will definitely benefit from them with better resolution, faster touchscreen responsiveness and upgraded chipset.
YES! ZeTime2 is almost finalized ! It will be unveiled with its very latest ID, set of features and new technologies during IFA Trade Show in Berlin and we anticipate it to be available soon. Stay tuned!

A very warm thank you from the entire MyKronoz Team.

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Re: Introducing OS2

Post by Hands-Of-ZeTime » 03 Sep 2019 08:44

First responses on Facebook state that it does seems to be working smoothly.

Only thing you need to set manually is your location according to some posts.

If the update fails try to Off/On your watch or UnPair/Pair.

Make sure your watch is fully charged.

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Re: Introducing OS2

Post by MadazTheSkitzo » 03 Sep 2019 10:53

No troubles here,

Also make sure you set your display of phone to always on and DONT do anything else on your phone, until the firmware upgrade has finished.

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Re: Introducing OS2

Post by Roderik » 05 Sep 2019 09:19

✔ One more in the "installed smoothly" camp 👍

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