Watchface scale offset

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Watchface scale offset

Post by Groucho » 07 May 2019 20:19

I created a few watchfaces, all based on a perfectly round 238x238 circular template.
Importing it into the Android app, it perfectly fits the display mask.
After downloading the display to the ZETime the watch shows it distorted by approximately 5 percent towards the lower right corner thus hiding the pixels there.
The same applies to most other watchfaces I can download. For most of them this is not an abvious issue but some are using quite detailed and sophisticated clock faces.
Anybody else notice this with the lates software update from May or is it my watch?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Watchface scale offset

Post by Klosiak » 08 May 2019 14:24


Yes, I have noticed this issue for watchfaces prepared via the new MyKronoz app. With old ZeTime app everything worked fine.


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