The time goes back

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The time goes back

Post by niice » 02 Jun 2019 12:49

Hello and sorry for my English.

I have been the owner of the ZeTime watch for a short time. After a few hours of use, I noticed the time on the watch was delayed by 30 seconds. After each calibration of the watch, the time can be delayed from 1-5 seconds. Is it normal? Where is Swiss precision. Has anyone met with such a thing, or is it just me?
I received the ZeTime application with the watch, but there is the second newer MyKronoz. Which one is best to use?

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Re: The time goes back

Post by Klosiak » 03 Jun 2019 15:59


I got two ZeTime watches and none of them has problem with inaccurate time or delay in presented time.

Regarding the app I suggest to use the newer one - universal MyKronoz app.

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