Wrist flick doesn't work so good...

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Wrist flick doesn't work so good...

Post by soulboogaloo » 12 Mar 2019 10:43

Hi y'all,

new happy user here! Just received my ZeTime yesterday!
Matter of fact, there's unfortunately already something that bothers me bit : the auto activation of the screen doesn't work really well : sometimes the screen wakes up when I move my wrist, but generally, it doesn't. I tried to shake my hand stronger but the screen remains black and I have to push a button to wake it up...
Of course, I've checked that the auto activation function is on...
Did you face the same issue?

(Last firmware uploaded, et my smartphone is an Iphone, if that matters...)
Thank you!

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Re: Wrist flick doesn't work so good...

Post by Klosiak » 12 Mar 2019 17:59


For me it also works with some delay. So long that I decided to not use this functionality ;)

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Re: Wrist flick doesn't work so good...

Post by BrentNH » 15 Mar 2019 13:53

The few times I've tried it, it was always laggy but every watch I've ever used that had "wrist flick" feature was the same more or less. I never use it on the ZeTime because I'm generally flicking my wrist to look at the time and don't need the screen lit up to do that. If a message comes in and I want to see who it is from, the screen lights up when the message comes in, so again no need for wrist flick.

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