MyKronoz Return Policy and Contact info

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MyKronoz Return Policy and Contact info

Post by Admin » 11 Nov 2017 12:56

Did you receive a faulty device or did parts stopped working?

Here is how to proceed:
Kindly note that we have set up a return policy that will allow you to get a new unit, fully functional within a couple of days.
Our team will send you your brand new watch body (updated and tested by our technical team) according to your selection. Note that the shipment will be sent to the address provided on your survey.

In this envelope containing your new watch body, you will find another envelope (with label) already stamped that will allow you to return to us your defective watch case.
As soon as you receive your new watch, please insert the RMA document as an attachment and your faulty unit into this envelope. Then, you will just have to drop your parcel at your closest post office.

About the engraving, after discussing with our logistic and production teams, we can ensure you that each back will get a new watch body with the Kickstarter engraving.

We hope you’ll appreciate our efforts to provide you a unique experience with our brand.

Note : A summary (return procedure) will be included in the envelope.

Thank you for your patience and trust.
Report your faulty device, faulty / wrong strap or if you miss something Here

A replacement could take up to 4 weeks to be delivered.
In most cases you will not receive any notification.