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Config - How and what - Read this first

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On the Watch.

- To Reset the ZeTime
-- Use the upper and lower button pressed together for 12 seconds. It will shutdown and restart.
-- Warning: All data stored into the device will be lost.

In the App.
-- Settings -> reset ZeTime
-- After resetting you have to disconnect the watch in the app: settings -> disconnect ZeTime

- Shutdown / Start watch
-- Press lower button

- Top button, swipe left, swipe left, yellow button is settings

- Check battery
-- Swipe down and in the middle there's a green circle

- Wrist Flick enable
-- Swipe twice to the left, press Settings, swipe up once, press Display, press Wrist Flick and turn it On/Off.
-- Found on page 33 in manual.

- Sleep Tracking
-- Some reported that setting it to Auto with no defined time is the best way.
-- Others just use the Start / Stop to do the tracking.