Checklist - Hardware - read this first

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Checklist - Hardware - read this first

Post by Admin » 12 Nov 2017 11:49

- Quick release pins break easily.
-- Contact MK

- Removing links from the metal straps.
-- Make sure you "follow" the arrow in the strap. Be aware that the pin on the removing tool easily breaks.
--- The consensus is that you better visit a jeweler to have the links removed.

- Screen not aligned.
-- If it does not work for you contact MK.

- Crown stops working.
-- Reboot watch and phone.

- Some report that the Upper/Lower button gets a sort of stuck.
-- It looks like it is not getting back in the original position after a some time of use.
--- Tap it with you fingernails.
--- MK mentioned to rinse the buttons with water.
--- Others mentioned to Deoxit or WD40 as lubricant and use Plastic Tweezers or a wooden toothpick to gentile lift them. Most, if not all, button-actions can be done via the screen.
---- If the above fails, contact MK.

- If the 2 in 1 charger does not work.
-- Some took it apart to find wires or the On/Off button dislocated.
-- Others just took it apart and after putting it back together it started working.
---- If the above fails, contact MK.