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Checklist - Software - read this first

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To RESET your watch: push the top & bottom button for about 10 seconds.
Or 2 swipes right to left, touch settings and then one swipe up.
Warning: all data stored into the device will be lost.

To turn the watch Off or ON: Use the lower button only.

- Calibrate hands on the watch
--swipe left, swipe left again til you see the “gear” logo (settings), click it, click on “Time”, then click on “calibrate”.

- Night mode stopped working.
-- Restart watch.

-Having issues after updating the watch first an then the App.?
-- Turn the watch off (lower button only!), an then on again worked for most. Do not use the upper/lower button!

- Deleting Notifications.
-- Open a single notification and then swipe left to delete it. It will also close/delete the notification on your phone.
-- In the notifications-list hold the screen to delete all notifications. It will also close/delete the notification on your phone.

- Access the Calendar
-- From the watch: Swipe left twice, tap the Grey icon at 6 o’clock, then tap the Yellow icon at 10 o’clock.
-- Or push lower button twice and swipe left.

- Does you screen cannot swipe left/right or up/down?
-- Using a custom watchface? Replace it with a stock watchface could solve it.

- Watchfaces being blurred?
-- Resize them first to 240x204 on your Pc or Mac.

- Constant high pitch / hissing sound while you watch is on the charger?
-- Your watch is not aligned correctly.

- Does your watch seems to loose time or "tracking" behind?
-- Restart the watch and re-calibrate.
--- Turn on auto-sync.

- Having problems setting a daily reminder in the App.?
--If you want to set a (daily) reminder for a time earlier than current time then you need to change the date first. The App. won't let you set a reminder earlier than today's current time.

- Wrong location for the weather on the watch?
-- Make sure you have enabled the Location Service in the ZeTime App.

- Hart-rate stops working?
-- Before doing a complete reset switch of the Hart-rate first.

- Sound and Vibration
On the watch:
- Check that vibrate is enabled on the watch itself, one swipe down and widget at the 4 o’clock position.
-- If you tap on the green-circled symbol, you can cycle through the following:
- 'no sound',
- beep+vibration, it outputs a sound and vibration,
- a beep, it outputs a sound, and
- a vibration, it outputst a vibration.
Then go to the App. to set what you exactly want.

- On Android - Smartlock
-- Pair it with the phone via the phone settings before you pair it with the app.
-- Wait until the phone sees it in the Bluetooth settings. Only when you have it paired directly via the system should you pair it with the app.
Thus reset the watch and apply to set up again in this order. Having Smart Lock via ZeTime is great as you really never have to use fingerprint as you have the watch on you all the time. It also ensured a more stable bluetooth connection over the app method. I'd definitely recommend all Zetime users to do this.

- Check battery on watch
--Swipe down once, the green circle in the center will show the battery charge left (Red: you need to charge).

- On iOS
- After temporary pairing watch with your iOS device make sure you remove it from the TB devices on your iOS device.
- It could still receive notifications from that iOS device even after a full reset and pairing with another iOS device.