Pairing / Updating / Syncing

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Pairing / Updating / Syncing

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If Syncing or Updating fails

1) Log Out from the App. (update App. if possible) and Log In again.
2) Reboot Phone and Watch.


First check if watch is not in flight-mode.

- On watch:
-- Swipe left -> Settings -> General -> Bluetooth

* Settings (yellow gear icon)
* General (red watch icon)
* Bluetooth (blue Bluetooth icon) -> Should show green

On iOS:

1) Logout of the App. and uninstall the app.
2) Remove ZeTime from BT on iPhone/iPad.
3) Reset the watch; push the top & bottom button for about 10 seconds. Warning: all data stored into the device will be lost.
4) Close all Apps. on the phone, then reboot iPhone/iPad.
5) Reinstall the App.
6) Try previous account (e-mail/Facebook/Google) or create new account, try using other login then previous.
7) Pair watch with iPhone.
8) Try to update.

On Android:

1) Remove ZeTime from BT on phone.
2) Logout from App and uninstall App. from phone.
3) Close/kill all Apps on phone.
4) Reboot phone.
5) Check if all Apps. are still closed.
6) Reboot watch.
7) Install App.
8) Pair through App.
9) Try to update.